Recurrence of Blue

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In her agile and ambitious poetry collection Recurrence of Blue, Theresa Donnelly displays the kind of wide empathy that brings a wide world - its dreams and mysteries - into view. Across many - faceted distances, she pulls Ireland and Canada, Italy, France, Greece and Egypt, to the page in ways that feel like an offering - surprises and flowerings at every turn. These poems transport us with their rich oddities, and otherworldly dreamscapes - Donnelly writes of the calligraphy of a breath, of ice-wine moons, of a woman who exhales moths, of carpets full of lies. Charting the complex departures and returns of the expatriate, Donnelly’s poems never feel overly nostalgic or like entries in some travelogue because they so personally limn the heart’s and life’s evictions, large and small. In this ‘saga of blue,’ Donnelly mindfully dis- and re-locates us and brings clarity to the ways home and exile might recur through a lifetime.       

                                                      - A.V. CHRISTIE, author of Nine Skies,     

                                                        The Housing, and The Wonders.

ISBN 9780994801319  


Moon Witch and Other Scary Poems

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The portal between fairytale and reality is held wide open in this collection of spine-chilling poems. It's evocative of Grimm's Fairy Tales and is an alternative to the "happily ever after" ending. It involves a witch, stolen children and sounds that go bump in the night.  

You will be left with a sense of fright that won't easily be forgotten.

ISBN 9780994801302